We offer elective, non-medical scans to expectant mothers who are currently receiving prenatal care. You can experience a precious time watching your little miracle smile, suck his or her thumb, yawn, stretch, wave a little hand, or wiggle his or her toes in the comfort of our luxurious and intimate studio.

Please know that we allow plenty of time for your appointment so you will not feel rushed. We strive to make you feel at home and extremely satisfied with your bonding experience.

We are dedicated to providing the best experience, quality and package pricing. This is why we do not limit each package to a specific amount of time. So, instead of worrying about your session time running out, please sit back, relax and enjoy this special time with your baby. We ensure that you will get the quality experience that you expect and deserve!

If you have any questions concerning packages or prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: 352-588-0912.

Our friendly staff will help find the best combinations for you.

Better yet, come see us in person!



Early Bonding Session (For that perfect, early snap shot of your baby growing in 2D Ultrasound)

*Recommended 9-13 weeks gestation

  • Price: $59 + tax

  • *Sneak Peek of 3D/4D and HDlive as courtesy

  • 2 printed, (glossy-premium) color photos

  • *Add CD or DVD for $10 extra or flash drive for $15

  • Discounts do not apply to this session

  • Free gift!


(The perfect package for lots of images & video clips in 2D/3D/4D and HDlive)

*Recommended 25+ weeks gestation

  • Price: $159.00 + tax

  • Gender confirmation (upon request)

  • 10 printed, (glossy-premium) color photos

  • *As many images baby allows, in 2D/3D/4D and HDlive saved to DVD (Or upgrade to a flash drive for $15)

  • (Recording of entire session includes video clips)

  • Listen to baby’s heartbeat

  • Small photo album included.

  • Return for kicks and giggles visit $99 Save $60! (applied towards same pregnancy only)

  • Free gift!


(2D/3D/4D and HDlive) Basic Gender Determination/Bonding

*Recommended 14-20 weeks gestation

  • Price: $79 + tax

  • Gender Determinaton/Confirmation

  • *3D/4D and HDlive Included

  • 3 printed, (glossy-premium) color photos

  • All images saved to CD

  • *Upgrade to a DVD for $10 or flash drive for $15

  • Take $10 off second session (applied towards same pregnancy only)

  • Free gift!


(2D/3D/4D and HDlive) Upgrade Gender Determination/Bonding

*Recommended 14-24 weeks gestation

  • Price: $119 + tax

  • Gender determination/confirmation

  • Listen to baby’s heartbeat (upon request)

  • 6 printed, (glossy-premium) color photos

  • All images saved to DVD

  • Capturing motion of baby included (video clips added to DVD)

  • *Upgrade to a flash drive for $15

  • Book For Kicks And Giggles session for only $139 (a savings of $20) applied towards same pregnancy only

  • Free gift!


Sweet keepsake recording of your baby’s heartbeat

*Recommended anytime during pregnancy after 14.5 weeks gestation

  • Price $44 + tax

  • Large super soft vintage Heartbeat Animal of your choice

  • Record and listen to your baby’s heartbeat inside animal

  • Discounts do not apply to this package.


(Between 14-24 weeks): Captures baby as a whole.

(25+ weeks): Captures facial features and growth of baby.

Designed for deployed daddies to stay connected with their unborn babies (But also perfect for the expectant parents whom just want to watch their baby grow)

  • Price: $380 + tax (only $95 a session) Save $215!

  • A total of 4 sessions in 2D/3D/4D and HDlive

  • Follow this simple schedule to see your baby at every milestone! Each ultrasound will be a great mini photo shoot just perfect to send to deployed daddies, or other loved ones.

  • Example Schedule:

    • -14+ weeks- Gender determination, full body shots

    • -26+ weeks- Moving constantly

    • -30+ weeks- Look at this sweet face

    • 34+ weeks- Chubby little cheeks and lots of hair

    • All 4 sessions include:

  • Listen to baby’s heartbeat

  • Gender confirmation

  • All images, as many as baby allows in 2D/3D/4D HDlive saved to DVD

  • Capturing motion of baby included (video clips added to DVD)

  • *Upgrade to a flash drive for $15

  • Several 2D/3D/4D HDlive printed, (glossy-premium) color photos printed at each session.

  • (1) small photo album included (please note, only one per package, you choose the session.)

  • Free gift!

POPULAR ADD ON’S (available for every package)

  • $10 CD

  • $10 DVD

  • $15 Flash Drive

  • $2.50 4x6 Ultrasound Color Print

  • $29 Large super soft vintage heartbeat animal (sweet keepsake recording of your baby’s heartbeat inside)

*Second session discounts available (see packages for details)

*Best results for 3D/4D HDlive are anytime in the 3rd Trimester between 26-34+ weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: Women seeking an elective prenatal Ultrasound with For Kicks & Giggles, LLC must already be receiving prenatal care with a healthcare provider. During the elective ultrasound session, we will be conducting a limited ultrasound survey and
if any suspicious anomalies are seen, your healthcare provider, will be notified.
Please note, at no time is this exam to be used in place of a physician ordered or diagnostic ultrasound.

For Kicks & Giggles does not accept any health insurance or medicaid/medicare, we are self-pay only.