The baby in your womb: God’s Workmanship

From our very beginning, in the


hidden and safe place of our mother’s womb, ‘the spark of life’ occurs when God lays His hand upon us, and He begins the awesome process of shaping, molding, and building every intricate and delicate part of our being (Psalm 139:5 and Psalm 71:6).

While we are in our mother’s womb, God lays His hand upon us. We are the intricate and devine workmanship of God’s creation. Each and every person created is a fearfully and wonderfully made masterpiece, created by God.

Each person is the work of the Lord God’s own hands- fearfully and wonderfully made! God’s workplace is the hidden place of a woman’s womb. God thinks about every detail of every single baby, from the moment of conception when He breathes His life into that tiny person. It is a great mystery, that within the depths and darkness of our mother’s womb, God’s life giving light shines into a newly created child. Then He carefully builds that child’s body...the intricate, complex human body. God’s thoughts towards that new person are multiple thoughts of love, care, and delight! All our bones, muscles, and blood, every organ, artery, vein, nerve, and fiber of our body, are carefully ‘knit together’ into a wonderful and marvelous creation, in a manner beyond all comprehension! (Psalm 139:13) No one knows how it happens, that a person’s entire being - spirit, soul, and body, is formed deep inside the secret laboratory of a mother’s womb (Ecclesiastes 11:5)

Nothing compares to the wonder of a creation of a baby in the womb. The 9 month creation of a human baby is an amazing event, and the entire progression of this event is to be valued with great awe and respect and love.

Thanks to the tremendous advances of modern technology, we can now view the lively progress of a newly-conceived baby, growing in the mother’s womb!